Vivy Professional diathermy product for Patient Care and Geriatrics compact, mobile, portable diathermy product for Athletes pro-heat therapy product for loved one or family member a pain management product for patient care professional heat therapy product for Certified Athletic Trainers
long term care, Geriatrics patient, therapeutic heating product

Meet VIVY™, the world’s first consumer pain management product to use the deep heating and healing powers of diathermy. VIVY relieves pain, eases muscle tension, improves joint mobility and speeds healing when chronic pain or joint injuries sideline your life.

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VIVY is currently an investigational device only and is not yet available for sale in the U.S.A.

long term care, Geriatrics patient, therapeutic heating product

The ReBound® diathermy product will provide comfortable and gradual heating to tissues. This modality is ideal for older patients to aid in the treatment of arthritis, flexion contractures and/or frozen and stiff joints, pain with movement and areas that would benefit from increased blood flow.

ReBound® for Long-Term Care Professionals
Portable, mobile, compact heat therapy unit for Athletes

Return to your sport faster! ReBound® helps athletes by accelerating the healing process and relieving pain associated with injuries and chronic conditions. You can treat shoulder, back and limb injuries with ReBounds® anatomically specific garments like never before.

ReBound®: compact, mobile system for Athletes
Professional therapeutic heating product for public or home use and Independent living

ReBound® is a revolutionary delivery system for deep heat to relieve pain, improve healing, improve blood flow and increase mobility all of which help improve quality of life. Knowing that you’re getting the best solution available for your loved one or family member brings a peace of mind to both of you.

Is ReBound® right for your loved one?
Professional therapeutic heating product REBOUNDsup®/sup Heat Therapy System

ReBound® is ideal for the treatment of chronic pain due to soft tissue injury or disease. The gradual therapeutic deep tissue heating from ReBound® relaxes muscle spasms and relieves pain from soft tissue injuries, while improving healing.

ReBound® for patient care
on location heat treatments for certified athletic trainers

The ReBound® system is a great adjunct tool for a busy training room as it is extremely easy to use and set up can be done in under a minute. Its size also makes it easy to take the heat therapy unit on road trips or to perform on location treatments.

ReBound® for Certified Athletic Trainers
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ReBound® generates heat deep within the tissues in contrast to the superficial heating of the skin associated with over-the-counter heat wraps, ointments and heating pads. Our patented therapy garments provide heating to large body areas as opposed to modalities such as ultrasound and e-stim which can only treat limited areas. Overcoming pain, increasing mobility and flexibility is the foundation to a pain free, active and independent lifestyle.
  • Preferred Partner to Genesis Rehab Services
    Pittsburgh, PA – March 22, 2010 – ReGear Life Sciences, Inc. announces that it has been named a Preferred Partner to Genesis Rehab Services based in Kennett Square, PA.


ReBound® a pain management product.

ReGear’s ReBound®, a pain management product, is a compact, portable and simple to use heat therapy system generating soothing deep tissue heating. Treatment is delivered via comfortable, anatomically specific therapy garments that can cover small and large body areas. The ReBound® Therapeutic Heating System, weighing just under 4 pounds, is highly portable. ReBound® can be used to treat virtually any condition where thermotherapy is indicated, including chronic pain, muscle spasms and joint contractures.

Radio Frequency diathermy is a well validated and accepted thermal treatment modality. ReBound® has taken this modality one step further with its unique and patented system of anatomically specific therapy garments that are safe and easy to use. ReBound® provides circumferential heating of large and small surface areas to relieve pain and accelerate the healing process associated with injury, aging and disease. ReBound® can fit into virtually any practice or lifestyle where improving quality of life through pain reduction and increased mobility is the essential goal. ReBound® is FDA cleared and eligible for reimbursement.

Features and Benefits of the ReBound® Therapeutic Heating System

  • Lightweight, weighing under 4 lbs.
  • Safe and simple to use
  • Anatomically specific therapy garments
  • Comfortable, soothing feel
Therapeutic deep tissue heating using Shortwave diathermy
More about: Therapeutic Heating.
  • Portable and compact
  • Non-invasive and non-pharmacologic
  • Circumferential heating to treat an entire joint
  • Ability to treat large and small surface areas
  • Can treat virtually any body part comfortably and easily
  • Provides fast results, relieving pain
  • Improves flexibility and mobility
  • Patients LOVE IT!
Perfect for Long-Term Care Professionals, Athletes, Certified Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, Patients, a Loved one or family member.
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